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Home furnishing guide

Ideas and advice for furnishing your home. Contemporary home furnishing designs including soft furnishing, retro to pub styles. Furniture deals for that modern home look including bedrooms and conservatories.


Interior Furnishing Of The Home

Creativity is the factor needed for interior furnishing of home. Furnishing the home should be done, in order to keep the home beautiful. There are two phases in the construction of building. The first phase is building work and the second phase is finishing work. Furnishing is a part of finishing work. Always the furnishing period comes when people suffering from financial crisis after building work.

So the furnishing budget should be determined and saved early during the budget determination. You should include the list of furniture you want to buy in the furnishing budget. It is difficult to say how much to spent on furniture in the total budget. This may vary according to the requirement of each user. Sometimes it may comprise 10 to 30 percentage of total budget.

Soft furnishing and hard furnishing are the two types of interior designing techniques. Curtain, bed sheet, carpet and mat are the materials used for soft furnishing whereas hard furnishing includes chair, table and bed. Traditional and Classic type are the most commonly used furnishing technique. Theme designing is also included in interior furnishing. It means that selecting same color of furniture for the interior materials.

Furnishing should be done according to the capacity of each man. Ordinary Man can buy upholstery sofas, whereas those who are looking for luxurious furnishing can use Italian leather or traditional Japanese sofas. Also the interior materials should be designed such that it suits with the exterior part of the house. Consider these factors to furnish the home in order to live comfortably.